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By TVTUAdmin on 3/13/2013 3:51 PM


Join us the second Wednesday of the month at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub in Multnomah Village [7675 S.W. Capitol Hwy, Portland, Oregon]. Gather around 6:30 PM for socializing; the meeting program starts at 7:00 PM sharp and ends around 8:30 PM.

Enjoy excellent food, beverages, raffle prizes, fishing stories, and great conversation.

Upcoming speakers:

January 14: Bernie Taylor-"Salmon and Steelhead Fishing from the Ice-age to Present"
Bernie is both a TVTU member and author [Big Trout (2002) and Biological Time (2004)]; he will give a presentation on the timing of salmon and steelhead covering regional rivers and take us back in time to the practices of indigenous people in the Pacific northwest and cave-men in Ice-age Europe.
The program is also suitable for non-angling spouses/partners and middle and high school audiences. Some of Taylor's earlier work can be found by clicking < here >.
February 11: Dave Hughes-"Trout from Small Streams"
Author of Trout from Small Streams, Dave will discuss tackle selection, effective fly selection, tactics and techniques to master the small stream. Also included is TENKARA. Dave grew up as many have with fishing the small regional streams and brooks.
BONUS: Dave's presentation will include a casting demonstration and gear review prior to the meeting - Dave's presentation will include a casting demonstration and gear review prior to the meeting - join him at the Multnomah Arts Center Auditorium [across the street from the Lucky Lab] at 4:00 p.m. Bring your set-up for some input and learn some technical casting techniques! Contact Erle Norman for more info on this SPECIAL BONUS prior to the general meeting.

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